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With expertise in the design and operation of conventional water treatment processes and knowledge of emerging technologies and concerns, I can provide flexible Hi-Tech solutions not just for today, but for the longer-term as well 

Hi-Tech Solutions


I strive to see your entire problem. Rather than apply band-aids to fix the apparent issue, I dig deep to understand the root cause. By using a Holistic approach, we can solve the problem faster and cheaper than taking a fragmented or partial approach.

Holistic Approach


Optimization is more than achieving the best water quality on a given day. True optimization is determining a range of operating conditions that meet multiple goals -- chemical doses, TOC removal, and above all, cost. I work with traditional and data mining methods to optimize your systems for multiple water quality conditions.  

Optimized Systems

I am a water treatment expert with broad experience dealing with water quality and operational issues spanning from source to tap. My approach is HOLISTIC, my solutions emphasize HI-TECH to achieve results not just for today, but for the long-term as well. The results are systems OPTIMIZED for a wide range of water quality conditions.   

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